New version- New features: AVR, The Energy Management Software

KONsys has not been inactive (never is) recently! Although it was not long ago when AVReporter Energy Management Software was introduced, KONsys didn't wait long to come out with a new version (v2.1). AVR was of course fast, easy and simple to use and apply even before, but now...I think I'm sure it is a standalone application of its kind. E.g. it takes no more than 5 minutes to create a dashboard, it takes only minutes to install (instead of the hour or day installation times of other similar products).

With a new and improved user interface, AVReporter has been made easier to use and more intuitive to apply. With the new modules added in this version, it now more easily meets the users’ demands and day-to-day requirements. This new version has also been improved for incomparably ease of installation and configuration, whether you are a first time user or upgrading your existing AVReporter installation.
WEBPublisher Dynamic Dashboard interface has also been improved with Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology, which enables the user to make presentable reports quicker and easier. Additionally, the new Gadget Bar ensures handy tractability for the user.  

  For access to the on-line knowledgebase, contact us here!


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