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AVReporter WEBPublisher Energy Management Software

The AVReporter WEBPublisher energy management software provides the user with the ability to prepare web reports and dashboards easily and with a variety of options to create custom layouts and specific user interfaces. Using WEB based technology, data can be accessed anytime and from anywhere across the user’s network eliminating the need for installing any additional applications on client computers. The embedded multi- language supportprovided with WEBPublisher will be especially applicable  to  multinational and global applications.

Easy to manage user-friendly environment (on-the fly multi-language support) With AVReporter WEBPublisher web-based users can visualize their data in real-time and create reports over a web browser.
Support of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers
Custom skins that can be customized to suit your company and program
Real-time monitoring through links to web pages in other systems (example: Powerlogic ION Enterprise) can be applied to provid…