Thursday, October 6, 2011

Efficient Energy Mangement - Some screens from the new version of AVReporter

With the new Billing module it will be more comfortable and quicker to create cost allocation reports.

The new functions of AVR Connection Center will allow easier connection to OPC server and redundant OPC server connection will also be supported.

The embedded Microsoft Lightswitch application will allow the user to create custom input forms for energy cost (water, gas, electricity, etc.), demand power, production data, etc. With the added new features it will be easy to create KPI charts, Simple calculation tables, Energy Rate diagrams, Histograms.

In v2.1 regression analysis (linear and polynomial) could be done in Business Intelligence module. From now on regression analysis can be created easily with Basic Reporter as well, which will make the job of energy managers much easier (demand power specification, energy usage forecasting).

The Advanced Virtual Meter will make it more comfortable to manage virtual meters. Demand power specification will be easier as the system will be capable to connect Weather forecast sites.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

New version of AVR Energy Management Software is coming soon

AVReporter v2.5 will be equipped with many new features in both the desktop and the web environment. These will include a new Alarm Module with simpler fault management or new statistical functions for regression and forecasting.
The OPC server connection will also be simplified with automatic connection support: AVR v2.5 will be able to recognize and connect to OPC servers automatically. Moreover, manipulations will be allowed with tags coming from OPC server, for example unit conversion or alias name. Configuration of redundant OPC server connection will also be easier.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Business Intelligence Module- Linking Multiple Data Sources

The Business Intelligence module is a complex application that permits users (management and engineers) to link multiple data sources together in order create complex reports, complete with advanced query and data analysis tools. In this way reports that would otherwise require a team to prepare and weeks to review can be automated.
Some of the application areas of the Business Intelligence module:

Cost Allocation by department, sub-tenant, or process
• Production KPI's can be created to track and summarize energy performance by manufactured product or production unit
Energy Cost Invoicing can be created that may need to comply with local authorities or accounting departments.  Custom formatting can be applied for perfect results (e.g. office buildings - invoicing of monthly consumption)
• Comprehensive Utilities Reporting can be created so that a complete record of all utilities may be tracked and reported, in engineering units, in cost, and by department or process (electric energy, gas, water, sewage, etc.)
• Flexible construction towards other systems, easy connection possibility (ODBC connection, data reading from CSV files, plug-ins), easy expandability, the already existing function can easily be expanded by integrated plugins
• Flexible custom-tailored solutions according to the requirements of the user: support of individual reports, local requirements - language, currency, date format, individual layout, application of individual calculation methods
Custom Report Options are virtually endless as may be required for today's long list of energy and eco-efficiency topics corporately or globally: Green House Gases reports, KPI reports, Individual consumption reports, ABCD energy efficiency reports, Energy efficiency and cost analyses statements, Statements assisting energy booking optimization, etc. 
• Implementation of individual report  preparation tasks, application of integrated reports and those prepared by the user (embedding possibility of Microsoft Report Definition Language files)

The Business Intelligence Module remains the most powerful and flexible component in the AVReporter architecture.  It permits a virtually unlimited number of options regarding data source linking, data analytics, and reporting styles. 

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

AVReporter Energy Management Software Basic Edition

Above the features that Lite edition includes, Basic edition is provided with the following:
  • High performance modular structure, scalable system (fast operation, efficient application of resources)
  • Energy cost and internal cost allocation report creation (invoicing tasks - towards sub-consumers as well, implementation of cost reduction objectives)
  • In case of manufacturer or servicing unit, exact determination of energy or consumption costs by products or by services (customized consumption reports, ABCD energy effectiveness reports, energy efficiency and cost analysis statements)
  • Unlimited possibilities of report creation functions: KPI reports, Green House Gases reports, CO2 emission calculations, Optimization of demand power, Examination of power quality features, Statements of efficiency of the application of renewable energy sources, etc.
  • Import data from CSV files to calculations and reports, Export results to CSV file (with Business-Intelligence module - CSV plugin)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

AVReporter Energy Management Software Lite Edition

AVReporter energy management software is a tool that can be used day to day by management and engineers alike. It easily enables the handling of large quantities of data from a variety of otherwise stand alone sources. It is provided with a comprehensive set of data analysis tools and formatting options to allow the user to create just the right view and summary of their data. AVReporter is easy to use and fully supported with on-line help and video instruction.
Overall, AVReporter is a great solution for any size installation or application that requires a flexible and easy to apply energy management reporting system.

Main Features of AVReporter Lite Edition:

  • Easy to manage user-friendly environment (multi-language support)
  • Handling the different type of consumptions (electric energy, gas, vapor, water, sewage, etc.) on a complex unified interface 
  • Preparation of energy allocation reports (implementation of cost reduction objectives) 
  • In case of manufacturer or servicing unit, exact determination of energy by products or by services (energy efficiency statements) 
  • Flexible custom-tailored solutions according to the requirements of the user: support of individual reports, local requirements - language, date format, individual layout
  • Supported communication with filed devices, Power meters - PM9C, PM500, PM710, PM800, ION 6200, etc. -, PLCs - Twido PLC, TSX Premium, etc. - , EGX300 direct connection
  • Supported Powerlogic system connection (SMS 1500, SMS 3000, SMS 4.0 DL, SMS 4.0 SE, SMS 4.0 PE, SMS 4.2 DL, SMS 4.2 SE, SMS 4.2 PE, ION Enterprise 5.x, ION Enterprise 6.x)
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Energy Monitoring

Here is a list of possible energy management solutions in different buildings, institutions:

Spa – wellness
  • Implementation of load-shedding (in case of electricity and gas)
  • Monitoring of consumption and subscribed-power optimization
  • Cost-allocation and sub-billing
  • Change-over automatic solutions
  • Applications to improve energy efficiency (renewable energy sources, variable frequency drivers etc)
  • Building maintenance and monitoring solutions (SMS and/or e-mail alarms, alarms and events logs, keeping track of events and event change, application of automation software)
  • Implementation  of lighting control
  • Monitoring of consumption and subscribed-power optimization
  • Applications to improve energy efficiency (renewable energy sources, variable frequency drivers etc)
  • Building maintenance and monitoring solutions (SMS and/or e-mail alarms, alarms and events logs, keeping track of events and event change, application of automation software
Industry and Production Plants
  • Collection of measurement data, checking power quality- avoiding short service life of equipments
  • Implementation of building/production plant  monitoring and maintaining solutions  (SMS and/or e-mail alarms, alarms and events logs, keeping track of events and event change)
  • Monitoring consumption and controlling electric system (keeping track of position indicators and alarms)  executing switching functions- system monitoring and simplifying maintenance tasks
  • Defining energy consumption and production cost per production unit
  • Application of change-over automatic solutions, improving power supply security
  • Implementation of lighting control system- reducing used energy
  • Applications to improve energy efficiency (variable frequency drivers, pressure boosters)
  • Collection of measurement data of more sites in one system (centralized energy management) – application of integrated electrical contracts
  • Comparing energy use and production data of different production plants, application of global solutions,  controlling  and improving possibilities of global energy efficiency indicators in a multi-national environment
  • Application of renewable energy sources- reduction of CO2 emission

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Application of Energy Efficient and Energy Saving Solutions in Logistics Centers

Nowadays, it is getting more and more essential to apply energy management systems and energy efficient solutions in logistics centers which may well lead to a significant, 40-50% energy use reduction.
In such buildings electricity makes up 60-80% of all energy consumption, the majority of which is used for lighting. The remaining per cent goes for heating and air-conditioning.
In case of a new logistics center it is necessary to plan the energy management system carefully at the design stage of the building and select the suitable electrical equipments to be applied (e.g.: energy efficient illuminators). In addition, the possibility of using renewable energy sources is also should be examined (e.g.: solar energy etc.) Comparing these practices to the traditional ones expenses can be reduced by 60-80%.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Energy Management Solutions in Banks

For the sake of continuous and secure operation, nowadays it is essential for banks to have their professional energy management system installed. The primary task of such systems is to guarantee secure power supply; therefore the application of high quality devices and softwares is a must.


In the case of bank centers the availability and right operation of servers that control bank transactions are of especial importance. Thus, multiple redundant solutions have to be applied in the case of intervening elements, communication network and softwares. So, power supply has to be developed from multiple directions on medium voltage side. In the case of haphazard external breaks of incoming, diesel generators and UPSs are needed to be applied. Of course, redundant medium voltage distribution board require redundant low voltage electrical network to be built.
For the operation and control of circuit breakers on medium and low voltage network it is necessary to apply redundant PLC (e.g.: Hot-standby Quantum PLC). Its task is to configure connections in accordance with input conditions ensuring continuous energy supply. Above this system it is advised to install a redundant server which the control system can be installed on.
The primary aim of the to continue

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


The previously implemented building control system at LIDL stores couldn’t meet today’s requirements anymore; therefore there was a demand for an up-to-date, modern and reliable control system. By now the old system has been changed at numerus LIDL stores by KONsys experts. 

Recording consumption values and controlling the cooling-, heating-, ventilation and lighting system is now outstandingly effective resulting in an excessively optimized operation.
The central control of the entire system is controlled by a Twido PLC based automation.
The user -depending on his/her permissions- can see and/or change the parameters, look into the fault log in a touch screen operators’ terminal. This way, operators can keep track of the system condition easily and efficiently. The accurate fault logging makes debugging and troubleshooting fast and easy therefore maintenance can be performed more effectively.

The newly implemented control system connects to LIDL inner ERP system, but due to the web server function remote control can also be performed.
Due to the new system the automation always ensures the most economical control.