AVReporter Energy Management Software Lite Edition

AVReporter energy management software is a tool that can be used day to day by management and engineers alike. It easily enables the handling of large quantities of data from a variety of otherwise stand alone sources. It is provided with a comprehensive set of data analysis tools and formatting options to allow the user to create just the right view and summary of their data. AVReporter is easy to use and fully supported with on-line help and video instruction.
Overall, AVReporter is a great solution for any size installation or application that requires a flexible and easy to apply energy management reporting system.

Main Features of AVReporter Lite Edition:

  • Easy to manage user-friendly environment (multi-language support)
  • Handling the different type of consumptions (electric energy, gas, vapor, water, sewage, etc.) on a complex unified interface 
  • Preparation of energy allocation reports (implementation of cost reduction objectives) 
  • In case of manufacturer or servicing unit, exact determination of energy by products or by services (energy efficiency statements) 
  • Flexible custom-tailored solutions according to the requirements of the user: support of individual reports, local requirements - language, date format, individual layout
  • Supported communication with filed devices, Power meters - PM9C, PM500, PM710, PM800, ION 6200, etc. -, PLCs - Twido PLC, TSX Premium, etc. - , EGX300 direct connection
  • Supported Powerlogic system connection (SMS 1500, SMS 3000, SMS 4.0 DL, SMS 4.0 SE, SMS 4.0 PE, SMS 4.2 DL, SMS 4.2 SE, SMS 4.2 PE, ION Enterprise 5.x, ION Enterprise 6.x)
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