AVReporter Energy Management Software Basic Edition

Above the features that Lite edition includes, Basic edition is provided with the following:
  • High performance modular structure, scalable system (fast operation, efficient application of resources)
  • Energy cost and internal cost allocation report creation (invoicing tasks - towards sub-consumers as well, implementation of cost reduction objectives)
  • In case of manufacturer or servicing unit, exact determination of energy or consumption costs by products or by services (customized consumption reports, ABCD energy effectiveness reports, energy efficiency and cost analysis statements)
  • Unlimited possibilities of report creation functions: KPI reports, Green House Gases reports, CO2 emission calculations, Optimization of demand power, Examination of power quality features, Statements of efficiency of the application of renewable energy sources, etc.
  • Import data from CSV files to calculations and reports, Export results to CSV file (with Business-Intelligence module - CSV plugin)



vilcot44 said…
The basic edition seems to have some very useful features. How much would it cost though to upgrade, that's the question.

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