Business Intelligence Module- Linking Multiple Data Sources

The Business Intelligence module is a complex application that permits users (management and engineers) to link multiple data sources together in order create complex reports, complete with advanced query and data analysis tools. In this way reports that would otherwise require a team to prepare and weeks to review can be automated.
Some of the application areas of the Business Intelligence module:

Cost Allocation by department, sub-tenant, or process
• Production KPI's can be created to track and summarize energy performance by manufactured product or production unit
Energy Cost Invoicing can be created that may need to comply with local authorities or accounting departments.  Custom formatting can be applied for perfect results (e.g. office buildings - invoicing of monthly consumption)
• Comprehensive Utilities Reporting can be created so that a complete record of all utilities may be tracked and reported, in engineering units, in cost, and by department or process (electric energy, gas, water, sewage, etc.)
• Flexible construction towards other systems, easy connection possibility (ODBC connection, data reading from CSV files, plug-ins), easy expandability, the already existing function can easily be expanded by integrated plugins
• Flexible custom-tailored solutions according to the requirements of the user: support of individual reports, local requirements - language, currency, date format, individual layout, application of individual calculation methods
Custom Report Options are virtually endless as may be required for today's long list of energy and eco-efficiency topics corporately or globally: Green House Gases reports, KPI reports, Individual consumption reports, ABCD energy efficiency reports, Energy efficiency and cost analyses statements, Statements assisting energy booking optimization, etc. 
• Implementation of individual report  preparation tasks, application of integrated reports and those prepared by the user (embedding possibility of Microsoft Report Definition Language files)

The Business Intelligence Module remains the most powerful and flexible component in the AVReporter architecture.  It permits a virtually unlimited number of options regarding data source linking, data analytics, and reporting styles. 

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