Efficient Energy Mangement - Some screens from the new version of AVReporter

With the new Billing module it will be more comfortable and quicker to create cost allocation reports.

The new functions of AVR Connection Center will allow easier connection to OPC server and redundant OPC server connection will also be supported.

The embedded Microsoft Lightswitch application will allow the user to create custom input forms for energy cost (water, gas, electricity, etc.), demand power, production data, etc. With the added new features it will be easy to create KPI charts, Simple calculation tables, Energy Rate diagrams, Histograms.

In v2.1 regression analysis (linear and polynomial) could be done in Business Intelligence module. From now on regression analysis can be created easily with Basic Reporter as well, which will make the job of energy managers much easier (demand power specification, energy usage forecasting).

The Advanced Virtual Meter will make it more comfortable to manage virtual meters. Demand power specification will be easier as the system will be capable to connect Weather forecast sites.

Read more about it here!

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