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New version, New Features and Modules - AVReporter v2.5 is now available

The latest version of AVReporter is now available! You will find New Modules and Plugins, improved functions, new graphic objects and much more. Let’s see what these are:
New features in AVR WEBPublisher
With Microsoft Lightswitch application AVReporter features can be expanded easily: custom input form creation for energy cost, demand power, production data, etc. Besides the previously available reports and dashboards, with Dynamic Dashboard you can create KPI charts, Simple calculation tables, Energy Rate diagrams, Histograms. You will find simplified alarming and power quality features Reports are more interactive due to the newly added graphical object Charts can be exported to CSV file or clipboard Simple calculation methods and mathematical expressions can be used You can print your report with one click

Regression and Forecasting: From now on Basic Reporter Module allows you to create linear and non-linear (polynomial) regression analysis which will make your job much easier in for exam…