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AVReporter: analyze your resources on a unified interface
AVReporter is an energy management software, designed to help monitoring, analyzing your consumption data, forecast your resource useage, calculate cost allocation prices. All these features are accesible inside a single software-pack, that both consists of desktop and web-interface. AVReporter might be defined as energy management software, however it’s capabilites offer the users to measure not only electrical, but also gas, water, sewage, CO2 consumption and other outlets. The powerful interface is even able to display different consumption types together, on a common graph. Let’s say the user wants to monitor, how increasing electric demands have affect on their CO2 emission. AVReporter simplifies this process just to a few clicks, where the user selects the desired quantities, and a few moments later the graphs are displayed.
Creating energy efficency-reports is a breeze with our software:

Line charts and summary tables vi…
What is energy-management?
The phrase of energy management has always been something mysterious in the industry sector: it’s surrounded by false thoughts, leading to severe misunderstandings. So what IS energy management? First, give it a twist and take a look at it from the customers’ side. One of the main goals for the directors/executives of the industrial zone has been for long time, is to improve profitability by reducing production costs. Partially this means, signing new contracts which allow purchasing resources at lower costs, but it also means to raise the efficiency level of the given resource consumptions. There have been numerous examples, where the factory invested into new measurement devices, motion sensors, light-switches, however energy savings were far under the expectations, resulting this investment to be non-cost-effective. Why did that happen, when the mentioned devices are all designed to help us save money? Can we call it energy-management process to upgrade the…