Case Study: Energy Management in TEVA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Due to the 110 million USD investment the new plant of TEVA in Godollo is one of the biggest and advanced manufacturing sites in the world, with annual production capacity of 160-200 million units of injection products in 6 production lines. With the 15,000 square meters production area and modular building, the new plant is not only one of the biggest sterile pharmaceutical plants but also one of the most flexible ones in the world.
Thanks to the huge production potential and flexibility, the new plant can supply patients in more than 70 countries, mainly in the U.S., Europe and Far East.

For such a factory an up-to-date energy management system was a straightforward requirement.
The system itself was designed for maintenance staff, engineers and the management.

Using a reliable system was highly critical, as the quality and lifespan of stored vaccinations can get damaged easily in case of the slightest unexpected interruptions of the energy supply. The system also performs network quality measurements to EN 50 160 in order to protect expensive R&D equipment and prevent any potential damage.

The expectations of the energy management software were the followings for a Demand Electrical Power environment of: 5 MW:

• The collection of measurement data from electrical power meters, checking power quality- avoiding short service life of equipment Implementation of building/production plant monitoring and maintaining solutions (SMS and/or e-mail alarms, alarms and events logs, keeping track of events and event change)

Define energy consumption and production cost per production unit
Creation of Production KPIs to track and summarize energy performance by manufactured product or production unit.

• Work together and provide building maintenance and monitoring solutions (SMS and/or e-mail alarms, alarms and events logs, keeping track of events and event change, application of automation software)

• The monitoring of consumption and subscribed-power optimization

Calculate and display Cost Allocation by department or process

• Compatible with Energy Performance Certification of Buildings - A policy tool to improve energy efficiency

This particular factory was opened in 2012, in the presence of Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, Jeremy Levin, Teva's President and CEO and Mihály Kaszás, CEO of Teva Pharmaceutical Works Hungary Ltd.

'This plant is the symbol of the harmony between the most up-to-date technology and the people, the creativity and hard work of our human capital' (M.Kaszas- CEO of Teva Pharmaceutical Works Hungary Ltd)

Energy Management and Monitoring Software


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